Tuesday, June 01, 2010

turkey apple cupping

What? Huh? Maureen, what in the world are you talking about?

You don't know what turkey apple is? Well, neither do I. But what else would you call this guy?

Maybe a flamingo plum? What you can't see in this photo is the stem and leaves on its rear end. It is a food bird... I call him the turkey apple.

Madeline just likes "cupping" it to "make sure it can see."

Have a talked about Madeline's active imagination lately? On this particular day she was playing a game she called cupping and catching babies. First she would put the cup on their heads.

Then she'd catch them. Can you see that? She has a wrench and is hanging that turkey apple by the neck. It was hilariously disturbing.

I won't complain though. She played independently for almost an hour. Awesome if you ask me.

Lydia just wants to make sure she isn't next to be cupped and caught.

Sorry kid, you're on your own.

Did ANYONE notice that I blogged everyday for a month. I rock and you're welcome.



Michelle said...

I did notice, you do rock, and you are awesome!

Molly said...

You see how funny this kid is?? And Maddy's funny too. hahaha... Mo, I know exactly where she gets it. You were the master of pretend play at 3 also. I wish we'd had blogs so I could have saved all the stories for you. Ok, so we had journals, but that required finding paper, and pens, and quiet time. You know how that goes.

Molly said...

Oh yeah, and you've spoiled me with a post a day all month. I insist you keep it up. I INSIST!!!