Monday, June 07, 2010

My second...

trip to the children's ER.

Yep, that's Madeline with a nasty gash on her eye lid.

At 9am she fell and hit her head on the coffee table in our family room. Although we stopped the bleeding quickly we took her to the doctor to have it looked at because of how close it was to her eye.

The marks you see below her eye are mainly scrapes. That cut above her eye, on the lid, was a pretty gnarly looking cut that was surprisingly deep and gaping open. That coffee table was vicious.

After meeting with the doctor he confirmed that her eye is great, but the gash needed more attention then the pediatrician's office could handle so they sent us to the ER.

After two and a half hours (and only maybe 30 minutes total of medical staff interactions, oh how I hate waiting) she was cleaned up, and glued back together.

After one ice pack, three stickers, one cookie, Bread Company for lunch, two popsicles and a brownie sundae she was feeling much better.

I am exhausted.

We just returned from a few days away from home and today was suppose to be our catch up day. So much for that. (more about our weekend road trip soon)

I have more photos detailing our day, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

A HUGE thanks to:
-my mother in law for rushing over to the house to stay with Lydia during the doctor/er drama, Maw Maw rocks
-to my mother for leaving work on a very busy day and visiting with us in the hospital as we waited, it was a great distraction. Thank you Granny!
-Kevin, for being off work this morning so I didn't have to do this alone, and calling in to work so he could be there with Madeline (his love for our girls never ceases to amaze me)
-my dad for cooking me dinner as I had no energy left, so yummy
-Madeline, for being a super trooper through the whole ordeal and keeping me smiling and laughing all day long

Before I forget, my favorite Madeline-ism for the day:

as she is being seen by the ER doctor and a resident, "I really am an excellent doctor. You know my name IS Madeline Opal Lastname Doctor."

She never ceases to amaze me.


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Molly said...

She is soooo funny, even in times of trauma. Last night she visited Ma in the rehab center for about 5 minutes. Ma was exhausted at the end of a busy day & in bed by 7PM, so Maddy sat quietly on my lap and told her about her mishap. Then she asked Ma "What's that on your arm?" (it was a name bracelet). Maddy said "I had MY name on MY bracelet, too! AND, I laid on a bed too!". They may be generations apart, but Maddy found the common ground.