Friday, June 11, 2010

This girl

This girl has had quite the week. She started and ended her week with trips to the doctor. First was the attack of the coffee table. (Her eye is healing very nicely by the way)

Now, she has been diagnosed with herpangina. She alternates between happy and weepy without much warning. I couldn't get her to eat lunch, of cool liquidy foods, but an hour later she ate a crunchy granola bar and two cheese sticks. Go figure.

I know I posted everyday for 31 days. I thought I'd try to keep up at least a little of that momentum. Between going out of town and the mishaps/illness of the week, I am slacking again. I think my motto should be "Maybe tomorrow".



Adrienne said...

Post whenever you want. I'll take any crumbs that you give us. Love your girls, love you. Hopefully life will be better soon!

Bridget said...

So Madeline is going to be your ER child. Ryan was mine...broken arm, dehydration, gash in leg that went through to the muscle, ear drum bursting. Alan, to this day, has never had a trip to the maybe Lydia will be like that! Hang in there!