Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Kevin,

Happy 5th Anniversary AND Happy Father's Day.

You are the best husband I could ask for and the best father Madeline and Lydia could hope for. Thank you for helping me build the very best life for our family. You are amazing in all that you do.



Ps. I promise that next father's day I won't make you mow the lawn and weed the gardens in the 90+ degree heat. Make sure you hold me to that, K? :)



Bridget said...

but she might make you do it if it's only in the 80's.

Molly said...

:) What B said.

RPS said...

He can come join me in the 130+ degree weather. Its a blast, feels like a hair drier in your face for 12 hours a day!!! Who would not want to come here!!!!!!