Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Second...

Trip to the ER this week.

Yep. That is Madeline at the ER last night, uh, this morning.

As I said yesterday she was diagnosed with herpangina which is characterized by recurrent fever and canker like sores in her mouth and throat. These sores make it very difficult to swallow. So when she woke up at 11:30pm and I couldn't get her to swallow medicine to make her feel better I called the physician's exchange.

The nurse asked me a lot of questions and in her questioning they asked if she could swallow and if she was drooling. At the time, she swallowed a little, but most of the time she was drooling. This was alarming to the nurse because that can be the sign of a restricted air way. She called the dr on call and she also wanted us to head to the ER to have her checked out.

Now, I felt that her airway was fine. She was breathing well, she just didn't want to swallow only made worse by the fact that she was sleepy and not feeling well. But, I also didn't want to be negligent just in case there was a larger problem. So at 12:20am I called my mother who agreed to go with me to the ER so that Kevin could stay with Lydia at hopefully get some sleep so he could take over in the morning. (We were silly to think he could sleep, because he couldn't, but we were happy to have Granny come help us out any way.)

Once at the ER, for the second time this week, they confirmed that her airway was clear, but they did give us a script for what they called magic mouthwash. It is a mix of three different medicines that soothes, reduces swelling and eases pain. Last night Madeline was screaming as we gave her the medicines. Five minutes later she was happy and smiling. Today it has been hard to get her to take the medicines again. But it does seem to help a bit. The trip was worth it for that reason.

I'd really like to never see the ER again. Twice in five days is no fun at all.

That being said, I am very grateful for the perspective this week has given me. I don't want to say that I have enjoyed it, because I haven't. But first the cut and now this illness has given me just a little taste of what many families go through on a much more regular basis. We are so very lucky to have two healthy girls who don't have chronic illnesses. I appreciate how difficult it must be for families who spend much of their time and energy managing their children's medical issues.

For now, my hope is that this illness passes quickly through Madeline. They say it can last 7 to 10 days which will be amazingly difficult if that is what holds true. I also pray that Lydia is spared from catching it. The ER doctors were not too hopeful on that account. They told me it is a very contagious virus. Keep your fingers crossed.

Maybe some day I will get around to posting about this past weekend in KC.

Maybe tomorrow. :)



carolyntracy said...

Oh Mo- I was hoping it was fun things that were keeping you from posting. I'm so sorry Maddy has been sick. Thank goodness it wasn't something more serious! I've been thinking of you.

Molly said...

You forgot to mention that the photo was taken around 3AM. Maddy & I both look pretty weary, wouldn't you say? You're a good mom, Mutzie. I know how hard it is to see your babies sick. You were my ER child. Elliot got through childhood with only one visit... I can't even remember how many you had! Let me try: 1) Nursemaid's elbow; 2)sat on a cactus; 3)Dropped a milk crate on your toe 4)hurt your arm in a fall (magically "cured" with an x-ray); 5)broken arm (that might have been karma in action); 6)fell down the steps and sprained an ankle; 7) threw out your back... did I miss any??? Never any stitches, though. And thankfully not much blood. Life is an adventure!