Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My First....

Road Trip! (for Lydia at least)

Two weekends ago we packed our bags for Lydia's first road trip. Our destination was Overland Park, Kansas.

On our way.

Why Overland Park, Kansas. Well, why not?

Let me rewind. When I graduated high school I spent two years at Truman State University. My sophomore (and final) year I was a Student Assistant (SA) in the dorms and worked with some of the most amazing people. Over that year, I grew a lot as an individual and learned so much about myself and my place in the world and a lot of that growth has to do with the company I kept. Although I didn't return the following school year, the friends I made that year mean more to me that most of them will ever know.

Dobson Hall staff 1999-2000. It is hard to see but there are 13 of us in this photo. Eleven of us are wearing plaid. Gotta love the 90's.

Two of those friends are Adrienne and Michelle. Although we lost touch for a while these girls have become a huge part of my emotional support system over the last three years. Through the magic of technology and e-mail, I truly believe I am (emotionally) closer to them now than I was more than 10 years ago despite being (physically) very far away. One is in Nebraska, the other in Georgia.

In order to get us all together we decided we were going to have to pick a location that would be easy for all of us to get to. We chose KC because it was about the same distance drive for Adrienne and I and cheaper for Michelle to fly to than many other central Midwest destinations.

We honestly didn't do anything Kansas City related. We chose a hotel with a pool in a suburban and residential area with many parks. We met to spend time together and only spend time together. It was awesome.

Our lives are so very different than they were 10 years ago. All three of us are married, and we have four children (and one on the way) all three and under between us. Not to mention that our husbands had never really met each other. Even with all that, it was such a fun weekend for all of us.

Madeline playing ball in the hotel lobby with Alexander (3) on Friday night.

Our room faced the pool court yard.
Madeline was ready to hit the pool the moment we checked in.

Double trouble.
That mirror kept her entertained for a very long time.

Us now.
Michelle, Adrienne (who is 7 months pregnant and looks amazing!) and me.
Man, I look like a giant.

While we hung out, we let the kids play in traffic.
Devon (1.5) Madeline and Alexander

We picked up right where we left off and couldn't be bothered to stop our conversations for a photo. Don't you love Lydia grabbing her sister and Madeline recoiling in fear?

We broke from our conversation for a second.

The whole gang.
The guys are (l to r) Paul, Kevin and Bharath.

After a long, amazing weekend:

the girls passed out on the way home.

Traveling with small children was stressful but I can say without a doubt that the trip was more than worth it. The girls left the kiddos with the guys and had a wonderful lunch together and we even squeezed in a shopping trip.

To my dear friends:

Thank you. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for listening to my stories. Thank you for giving the best advice I could ask for, even when it isn't what I want to hear, I need to hear it. Thank you for traveling to KC to spend time together. Thank you for having excellent taste in spouses (because I enjoyed the time with your guys as much as I enjoyed my time with you)! Thank you for having such adorable and wonderful children. Madeline enjoyed them both! Thank you, thank you, thank you.




Michelle said...

We had the best time and I'm so glad everyone was able to make the trip!

Adrienne said...

Thank YOU for the post - you had a better description and pictures than I could do! Thank you to both you and Michelle for the exact same things you said in your last paragraph. We had such a nice time with the husbands and the kids. It was very special - especially since with sick kids it was so up in the air!

About the Dobson Hall picture...yes, it WAS the 90's, but we had all received instructions to wear plaid to our weekly meeting. We didn't all dress that badly normally! There is a distinct possibility that Disco may have had a subtly plaid shirt on and Lisa might have had plaid pants on (I can't remember). You should have seen some of the staff pictures from the year before! One word:toga. Yeah.

Michelle said...

I can't believe you even REMEMBER that we were instructed to wear plaid! But that does explain a lot. In addition to looking infinitely more tired than I did in the 90's apparently I've also gotten forgetful. Or maybe my brain is just too full? Or unable to hold as much b/c I'm sleep deprived?

Kathy said...

I didn't know Adrienne was expecting! Congrats to her!

Looks like a good time all around- glad you posted this. I figured it wouldn't be fresh in your mind by the time you got to tell me about it :)

Molly said...

Maureen, you really need to do things like this more often. :)

mGk said...

Mom, things like what?