Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Around the House, part 2

The blog-o-fest-topia continues! Day 6 people... blog on!

So I did this almost a year ago and with a new house I think it about time I did it again. (I must admit it was not my original idea last year. Just giving credit, where it is due.)

It took me years to love our last house. To get little places in our house that I love. There are a few that I have re-created here in the new house... but there are a few more that are new. Stuff that I had but wasn't displayed in a great way.

The new kitchen has display shelves on either side of the sink and this pig sits on one of those shelves. This little pig is one of my favorite items in the entire house. It is a water pitcher that I got has a wedding gift from my Aunt Kate (I think). It is very old and has cracks in the bottom so I can't use it, but it simply makes me happy. I think you'd be crazy not to love a white pig, with pink cheeks in a bow tie.

When I was a kid my Grandma Opal had this doll in her china cabinet. It was a very special honor to be allowed to hold it. To be honest it is totally not my style. She is wearing more lace then I would otherwise have in my home. BUT the memories that I have with my Granny and this doll are some of my favorites. It makes me smile all the time.

One of my favorite wedding photos and our Lego cake topper. I didn't mean to make an entire shelf our wedding shelf. Although now that I think of it there is a ton more wedding rick-rack that I could throw up here and then maybe you wouldn't see those pesky HD antenna cables in the background. And maybe some candles like a wedding shrine... what do you think? (I am totally kidding I am NOT one of those!) I do however love that photo and that cake topper.

Some day, I'll feel settled in our new house. Until then there are these little places that make me smile and I know I just have to create more of them!

We are off to the DMB concert tonight. Have you heard the new album? If you haven't you should. We are venturing out onto the lawn again although I said we never would. I guess that teaches me never say never... either that or get used to a substantially lighter wallet. Ticket prices are outrageous. I'll let you know how it goes and whether I swear off lawn seats once and for all.



Gina said...

I wanna go see DMB! WAAAA!

And I love your cute house stuff!

j&j said...

was the concert good? It's been so long since I've seen them, but every concert is always SO GOOD!