Monday, June 15, 2009

Why Legos rule our world

It was five years ago today that Kevin proposed. What does that have to do with Legos you ask?

Kevin and I met in high school. One night, being the nerdy and totally boring teenagers we were back then (and still kinda are), Kevin and I broke out the Legos at my parents house. Yes, we were 17 and playing with Legos. Yes, we are both totally cool with that. If only we are so lucky to have teenage children who play with Legos as a fun night in. Legos rock.

Anywho... after making cars and planes and space ships Kevin made me a Lego house. As he handed me the house he said something hopelessly romantic like, "maybe someday, I'll get you a real one, but for now, here's a house." That little house sat on a shelf in my bed room at my parent's for YEARS.

Fast forward 10 years (give or take a few) to Tuesday, June 15, 2004. I had been at the pool all day with the girls I was nannying at the time so right after dinner I hopped in the shower. Kevin said he would be down stairs in the family room watching the Cards game and that I should come down when I was done.

So with my hair up in a towel and my bathrobe on I walked down stairs. Nothing unusual down there except a HUGE box sitting on the coffee table. I asked about the box and Kevin said it was a present for me he had made that weekend. (I had been out of town.) So I opened the box and inside was a large Lego House. At least 10 times the size of the little one he had made me before. I am sure the look on my face was of pure confusion. I had no idea what was going onl.

So he got down in front of me and said, "I told you many years ago I'd get you a bigger house then the one I made you. I know we got this house (meaning our first actual home in which we were sitting in the basement) first, but I still wanted to make good on my promise."

At this point I am still clueless but I remember the little house he had made me years before and hadn't seen since before I moved from my parents house into our house. So I said, "I wonder what ever happened to that little house you made me?"

"You mean this one?" Kevin said as he pulled it from behind the couch I was sitting on. I was shocked and still totally clueless. That is until he opened the little window and I saw that he had propped my engagement ring up inside. One that I didn't know he had, nor had we discussed, but was exactly what I wanted.

To be honest, the rest is a little bit of a blur. I know he asked me to marry him and I know I said yes. Obviously. But what was said and in what order and all of that is a total blur. I do know that at some point I said, "I can't believe I just got engaged in my bathrobe" and Kevin laughed and said, "me either!"

So that explains our Lego cake topper and my June 2009 masthead. I love our story because I've never heard another one quite like it. There are lots of great engagement stories out there. (Which I would LOVE to hear if you want to post yours! Wink, wink! Just leave a comment on this post to let me know you are playing along...) I am just so glad that ours is so us: rich in history, a little sappy and totally quirky!

Thank you Kevin for the best stories to tell.



Nana's Lady said...

Nerds. Rock. And you just proved it.

That was movie material. Book material. Make my eyes well up and make me smile material. The best engagement story I've heard yet.

Gina said...

So cute! I have been engaged twice and neither of them are blogworthy! But I'll look forward to reading other people's stories. :)

Michelle said...

Only for you...

Bharath and I had been dating 3 years, had talked about getting married, and I had been informed a dozen times at least that we weren't getting engaged any time soon. Christmas 2005, B said he wanted to go on a vacaction for my Xmas present and birthday present (January) that year. We pick Charleston, SC and started planning a great vacation in Feb. He pinky swears at least 50 times that we aren't getting engaged and if I get my hopes up I'm going to ruin our vacation.

We get to Charleston, go out to a nice dinner, I had 1 glass of wine too many and when we get back to the hotel room, B wants to go out on the pier and have dessert. I'm full and a little tipsy and start freaking out, telling him that it's not fair for him to make such a production out of everything b/c I'm just going to think we are getting engaged. Get so stressed I almost vomit. While sitting in the bathroom trying not to vomit, call my sister Krysten to complain about Bharath teasing me with "almost engagements." Marissa, my older sister, gets on the phone says hang up now and get your butt out on the pier. We'll talk to you later. We get out there, have champagne, Godiva chocolates, and see a guy cleaning his boat. I'm talking about the boat guy, and B asks why I'm not paying attention to him. And I start spewing about how it isn't fair that he expects me not to get my hopes up if he's going to be romantic like this. I turn around still talking and he's on 2 knees. I promptly tell him it isn't funny and really get going on my tirade. He tells me to hush and proposes. The rest is kind of a blur.

We had a phenomenal rest of the weekend.

Nana's Lady said...

left you something.