Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Runs in the family

What runs in my family?

Crazy, that's what.

Did you read the banter between my mother (Molly) and her sisters (Bridget and The Murder Hour) in the last post? Crazy.

And this photo of my brother* wearing Madeline's play tunnel like a dress on father's day. Crazy.

I am not the only one and it isn't my fault. I inherited it.

*I am linking to my brother's blog but since he graduated with a degree in English and creative writing he feels like his art should only be used for pay. Ok, I made that up. But that might be one explanation for his lack of posting. Or am I crazy? Hum.



Elliot said...

I was not wearing it like a dress. I was climbing through it and got stuck. When I stood up, it came with.

Jen said...

I love your family's banter. Also I'm glad your bed transition went so well!!

Molly said...

I wish the photo was a full body shot... it reminds me of when we used to fondly call him "Lowly Worm". (That's from Richard Scarry, for those who don't know...)

bridget said...

Hey, watch who you're calling crazy! Now that I've got that off my chest, I'll offer some insight on your post.....
Maybe Elliot's blog is suffering because he is stuck in a tunnel. Or maybe he has forsaken it for twittering...less commitment, I think. Or maybe he's crazy and can't remember that he has a blog. If that's the case, someone should remind him...but gently...you never know how crazy people are going to react.