Tuesday, June 16, 2009

(almost) 23 weeks

To be fair this photo was taken on June 6th when I was only 21 weeks.

So I didn't do updates like these when I was expecting Madeline. It was a combination of not having any time (as a full time employee) and not really wanting photos of my perceived hugeness. This time however I want to make sure that everyone knows I am pregnant because I feel that otherwise people just assume I've been hittin' the cookies awfully hard.

So on the 6th, for the first time I felt like I looked like a pregnant woman. I know it was the clothes I was wearing, but I felt the need to document this moment in time. There are only three maybe four good photos of me pregnant with Madeline and at the time it didn't bother me. Now, I wish there were more. So I guess this baby belly will get a little more attention than my last.

Yesterday, Monday, I visited the doctor and there is nothing to report. My blood pressure is awesome according to the nurse and the Dr. says #2's heart rates sounds good. All is well in my belly I guess.

I still get the "how are you feeling" question though. I am just fine. My nausea has gone away and the heart burn/indigestion has taken it's place. I'll take that over feeling like I am on a boat 24/7 any day.

As for my mood, well:

My pregnancy hormones make me all moody. So watch out or I'll get all up in your face!

Totally a joke of course. Other than choking up every time I read Bunny My Honey I think I am doing just fine.



Michelle said...

You look great!

Gina said...

You look amazing! At 20 weeks, I waddled into my ultrasound. People teased me constantly!!!

bridget said...

i can't believe i ran in to you at target today and asked "how are you feeling"...

RPS said...

You look wonderful...can't wait to see you soon! We leave here next Mon. night and get in tues. morning.
P.S. Remind me of Maddy's dress size...changed at all since christmas?

k:) said...

That is not pregnancy hormones- I get all choked up with "Bunny My Honey" too.

k:) said...
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