Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sweet thing

Kevin is always sweet. But he has done two especially sweet things this week that I have to share.

Today was a cold and snowy day in the STL. It was just down right icky. Madeline was at day care and I only taught a half day so I spent most of my day cleaning up and getting laundry done. I was pretty productive, but I digress. I left to pick Madeline up from daycare and Kevin ended up beating us home. When I got home he met us in the garage to help me get Madeline and my bags (from some errands I ran) into the house. Did I mention it was icky and cold and wet outside?

We walked into a winter wonderland! Kevin had turned on the tree and mantel lights and started a fire! I had made beef stew and rolls , which Kev baked, so dinner was ready when we walked in the door. I have sat in front of the fire all night long. I am still sitting there. I don't want to move. He is awesome.

This was a couple of days ago, but it is a much funnier story, so of course I had to save it for the end. I had stayed up later than Kevin, working on school work or something, and he had gone to bed without me. Thirty minutes later when I was getting into bed, I couldn't find my nightgown so I just got another one out of my drawer.

I went about my business, brushing my teeth and the like and then headed to bed. Kevin woke up as I was getting in and said, "Oh, No!" I asked if he was ok, to which he responded, "Oh, No!" I thought he must be dreaming... that is until he said, "I got these warm for you!" as he pulled my night gown out from under the sheets! He was distressed to see that I had a different nightgown on! I promptly changed my pajamas (into the ones prewarmed with LOVE) and curled into bed to cuddle.

I love my husband.



Christy said...

Yay awesome husbands!!! A yay to a girl who will gush about it!

Molly said...

Yep, he's my favorite son-in-law all right... :)