Friday, December 12, 2008

my life this week

Last night, I pushed aside a sink full of dirty dishes to wash the pizza stone so that I could make myself cookies from store bought dough.

The dishes didn't get cleaned up until this morning.

The stone is still dirty.

The cookies were delicious.



Molly said...


Christy said...

THANK-you MGK! I've been waiting for someone to admit that they sometimes leave dishes in the sink, because I do and feel incredibly guilty about it. So, with milk?

fern said...

WHAT? I am reeling from Christy's comment.

First, Maureen, I commend you for prioritizing and washing only the pizza stone, so you could quickly move onto the life-giving nourishment of cookies.

Second, Christy. Had I known it would make your life feel better to know about people leaving dishes in the sink, I'd have taken a picture of my sink at ANY GIVEN HOUR FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS.

The only person I know who never leaves dishes in the sink is my mom. I am more of a slob than most people though. But this isn't about my slovenly ways, it is about Cookies and how they are a portal to Salvation.

Elliot said... sounds like you need a vacation. Oh, um...or...well, how about just bringing me cookies?

No, but seriously, don't fret over dishes in the sink. That's mostly why Kathy and I moved out of our apartment.