Sunday, December 21, 2008

Toddler lesson #4

Fork too.

I'm at lunch at my parent's house today. We were just sitting down to eat and Madeline asked for a spoon. When I came back without a fork she asked for a "fork too."

Now imagine a nineteen month old saying "fork too" over and over again. Yep, it isn't pretty. She was screaming this almost obscenity and my parents were laughing themselves out of their chairs.

Toddler lesson #4- You must listen very closely to be sure they aren't actually saying F-you!

Alternate post title: My First... obscenity!



Michelle said...

too funny!

bridget said...

it reminds me of aedan asking to f**k the corn. aren't kids great?!

Molly said...

There was no "T" in that "too". It REALLY sounded obscene. And we tried very hard not to laugh too overtly so as to reinforce such behavior.

Man, that was funny, though. :)