Monday, February 22, 2010

The many ways in which I ruined my children today

I am sick and although I've been in this job for almost three years I still haven't earned a single sick day. Man, my job can really suck.* So because of my inability to focus or breath through my nose I have spent today doing the best I can to get us all to the end of the day in one piece. A masterpiece of parenting it is not.

Without further delay, the ways in which I ruined my offspring today:
  • The television was on from 8:30am to about 12pm. I can kid myself into thinking that it is ok because it was tuned to our local PBS station, and therefore educational. However, Madeline watched Barney for the first time EVER and when she becomes a sociopath in her mid to late teens I know I will look back on that 30 minutes as the turning point in her sweet little life.
  • I let Madeline dress herself so she wore a long sleeve t-shirt and tights all day. I suggested she put on a skirt, but I was rebuffed and I didn't have the energy to get off the couch, not to mention demand she put on socially appropriate clothing. She didn't leave the house so I shouldn't worry right?
  • I confined Lydia to her sling. Why do you ask? Well why would I want her to gain trunk control or roll over? That's insane. And independent play on the floor is over rated. Not to mention the fact that I wanted her as close to my germs as possible. Can't get much closer than the sling. >>please don't call DFS, I am using a heaping dose of sarcasm here. That being said she was in the sling a lot today, but that is mainly because if she wasn't attached to me she was screaming and my head could not handle the high decibels.<<
  • I exposed them repeatedly to my crabby attitude, not to mention the germs. I tried to keep it in check but tantrums and hacking cough do not mix well.
  • I startled Lydia with my coughing no less than 30 times today. The pure fear and panic on her face was so sad. I am sure that has caused some serious emotional trauma which will manifest itself at about age 13.
Not everything was the pits today:
  • Madeline ate healthier than she has in days. So at least while she is socially stunted she'll be physically strong.
  • Lydia took a 2 hour morning nap NOT attached to me. That's a record.
  • Madeline wore her big kid "underwears" all day without an accident. Including nap time. That is a "sick day" miracle. Heck, that's an everyday miracle!
  • We all ended the day in one piece.
Here's to tomorrow and hoping I feel better and the girlies don't get sick.

* I love my "job." The perks far out weigh the pits. I wouldn't mind a sick/personal day every once in a while however...



Jenny and Aaron's Baby Blog said...

Don't feel bad, I've been sick for several days and have subjected Quentin to a lot of TV too. Plus I've let him watch Cars and a Thomas dvd repeatedly just so he would let me be. I'm finally feeling (almost) completely back to normal today. Hope you're better soon!

Adrienne said...

Hmm. Whoever negotiated your contract must have had it out for you. Are you unionized?

My boss, Alexander, seems to think that my starting time should be moved up. Negotiations are stalled. Sigh.

Good luck. I am 99% sure that your girls will not have any "permanent" reprecussions from yesterday. :)

carolyntracy said...

I've been letting my boys play on for about an hour now- and I'm not even sick. They are and will continue to be wonderful girls. If you're looking for commiseration on the 4 month mark check out the post for a few months ago. It'll get better soon.