Saturday, February 06, 2010

What little girl wouldn't love some power tools of her own?

Madeline's Christmas list was very simple.

  • her own camera
  • balloons to blow up and let go (thus sending them flying across the room and squeals of delight ringing through the air)
  • her own tools, like daddy's
That was all she talked about for weeks, no, make that months before Santa's arrival. If Santa was mentioned she would say, "I am asking Santa for..." and recite the list above. What can I say? Our little big girl is easy to please.

So two balloons made it into her stocking. Squealing is abundant. Santa managed to find a PURPLE camera for her to call her own. Photos taken by Madeline will be saved for post all their own. AND her tools. Oh, how that girlie loves her tools.

We have started painting the first floor of our house. We moved in the last week of March 09 and until last week we hadn't painted any of the rooms on the first floor. So now it begins... but that means the ladder has been out and Madeline insists on helping with the redecoration.

Kevin, being the awesome dad that he his, got Madeline involved in a smaller project too. (We don't really trust her with a paint brush in her hands!)

I've wanted hooks in the closet down low for the girls to hang their coats and bags on. So Madeline and Kevin broke out the power tools.

And her play tools too. That hammer might be plastic, but it can still pound a nail.

Inspecting their handy work.

It was Madeline's idea to wear the 'safety goggles'. I mean how cute are they?!?!?

So Santa* did a good job. The tools are a hit and she has played with them for hours since Christmas day. Madeline loved her 'project' with daddy. So much so she was disappointed when it was over. So today when I suggested she and I do a project together she ran to her playroom and grabbed her tools. She was very disappointed when I told her she didn't need her tools for the craft I had planned. Unless there was hammering involved I don't think she was interested.

She might just be a future handy woman.

*in the case of the tools Santa was my in-laws.



Gina said...

So cute! I love the pics!

Bridget said...

My friend MaryAnn is a tool-girl. She can fix just about anything...I hope Madeline is like that!

carolyntracy said...

Isaac always loves to help daddy w/ his projects, but never gets so interested in my "laundry" projects, or "cleaning the bathroom" projects. Those pictures are awesome. You are teaching her well.

Michelle said...

Love the safety goggles!

Molly said...

I know several tool girls. I don't understand them. Isn't that why we have men in the first place?