Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tonight, I plucked my eye brows.

And I feel really good about it.

Anyone else have a rogue hair? I have a black wiry one that grows out of the very bottom of my chin. It has been there since I was about 13. For my 21st or 22nd birthday my mother gave me a years worth of laser hair removal treatments*. She figured it was her genes I was battling, so she owed it to me. Those treatments worked beautifully. Thankyouverymuch! With the exception of that ONE STUPID HAIR!!!

Every once in a while I scratch my chin and there it is. Inevitably I am in my car, standing in line at the grocery store or at a fancy wedding and can't end its life at that exact moment. But today I won the stupid hair on my chin jackpot!

I was AT HOME.



And it was AWESOME!

So awesome in fact that I got a little carried away.

I took a whole 15 minutes TO MYSELF and plucked my eye brows too. Did I mention that it was AWESOME! My laser hair removal didn't include my eyebrows. Which is a shame considering the wild eye brow genes I inherited from my father and his side of the family. (I'm thinking maybe HE owes me some laser treatments too... oh daddy......) I hadn't touched my eyebrows in at least three months. Which is exactly how old this little thing is...

So in 15 minutes I tweased my brow into submission. Now I have not one but TWO eyebrows. TWO!!!!!! And those wild woolly Franken-brow things I had going on at the inside top of my brows, GONE!!!

Did I mention I spent 15 whole minutes, BY MYSELF!!!!

Did I mention how AWESOME it was?!?!?!

At this point in my life it truly is the little things. (or in the case of my eye brows, the not so little things...)
*Am I bordering on TMI, because I am being totally honest and exposing secrets that, up until now only a few of my girlfriends knew about? Hello entire Interweb! Don't. you. judge. me.



Jen said...

I'm so relieved someone else is talking about their lady beard! I have the same rogue chin hair and the same problems with it. I need someone to give me laser hair removal on my mustache. <- That looks weird but your spell check says it's correct so I'm going with it.

Anyway, my facial hair isn't very dark but I don't like the way it glints and glitters in the sun. And no one will tell me what to do. Home waxing is not very successful. Who has time to get their stache waxed weekly at a salon? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!

Lydia is cute.

Molly said...

The laser hair treatments were worth every penny I spent. Prior to that, my sisters & I had a pact: if one of us ever went into a coma, the rest of us would sneak into intensive care & pluck the wild hairs while no one was looking. Imagine, you go into a coma and when you finally wake up 3 months later, you're a hairy beast & your friends and family (meaning husband & kids, not sisters) are standing around your bed, slack-jawed, wondering where you went and what did the gorilla in the bed do with you. Since I gave you no sisters, Mo, I felt compelled to provide you with laser treatments. A poor substitute, but an effective one. :)

Michelle said...

Ever since we had Devon every once in awhile I actually get the energy to notice my eyebrows and am appalled. On those occasions, I look at Bharath and accusingly ask him why he didn't tell me I needed to pluck my eyebrows! It's the little things that make a girl happy.

Bridget said...

Ever notice how a rogue hair can appear in a matter of seconds? I'm amazed how I can look in the mirror in the morning...no wild hairs in sight. That evening...POW...there it is...already an inch long!