Thursday, January 07, 2010

There's no day like a snow day

I love it.

We got several inches of snow overnight.

Kevin already had the day off work.

I sent Kevin out into the snow with Madeline to play.

I didn't change out of my pajamas all day long.

It was awesome.


Snowman pancakes of course.
With dried mango top hats and raisin faces!

Waiting as patiently as she can to head out into the cold.
Those pants are from last winter and are a size 18m so that is why they look short. I had her in two long sleeve shirts, tights, regular pants, snow pants, and a coat that has an inside and an outside layer. Not to mention socks on her hands under her mittens and her hat and hood. She was plenty toasty out in the snow. I also want to note that they spent most of the time in the back yard, out of the wind so it wasn't as cold without the wind chill.

Lydia hung out inside in the warm house with her momma!
(Do you see those wrist rolls?!? Love it!)

My little angel .

Kevin makes the best snow angels. They are always perfect and make me smile. Yep, I'm schmoopy* like that.

Both girls took great afternoon naps so Kevin and I watched AN ENTIRE MOVIE!!!! (Angels and Demons, was good but not as good as DaVinci Code) We finished the evening with baked chicken, tater tots and peas for dinner and of course hot chocolate.

Other than that I got nothing done today. I count it as a success.

*Schmoopy: adj. meaning totally sickiningly sweet and lovely dovey about my honey.



Bridget said...

Isn't there a song about schmoopy?

Yeah...hang on schmoopy, schmoopy hang on........

Michelle said...

Wrist rolls? Look at Lydia's double chin! So cute!

Molly said...

Man, my mom never made snow man pancakes for me. I'm pretty sure your mom didn't either. Sorry about that. They are adorable! And the snow angels - perfect! I LOVE that picture of Lydia, such a cheesy smile. You have to wonder what all she's figured out so far. (Camera, Ok, break out the smile) I'd agree that the day was a total success!

Adrienne said...

See THIS is why you are the world's most awesome mom... sure you have the days when your children vex you, but who doesn't (right??)...however, you do things like make adorable pancake snowman with raisin (ew) features and dried mango hats. Wonderfully creative and memorable while I keep stuff oatmeal down poor Xander regardless of the specialness of the day. (Well, I WOULD have made a great breakfast casserole on Christmas morning if our electricity was on and sometimes PAUL will make pancakes so he isn't totally deprive, right?)

NightSwimmer said...

I absolutely adore how schmoopy you are being lately!