Monday, January 04, 2010

Flash backs

I'm having flash backs to Madeline's babyhood.

Madeline - June 26, 2007
almost 2 months old

Lydia - December 29, 2009
two months old

Because the girls were born in different seasons there are very few outfits that Lydia can wear. This outfit was/is one of my favorites. It feels like that photo of Madeline was taken just yesterday, yet I know she is now two and a half years older and there is a new little bits fitting into that outfit.

I love these photos because they show my girls at the same age in the same clothes, but they look nothing alike to me. Some say that the girls are similar, but I don't see it. I see some of Madeline in Lydia, but there are more differences than similarities. I love that they are sisters and my daughters and I love even more that they are already their own individuals.

What a gift.

Ok, cheezy. I know.


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