Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Did I mention I was crabby yesterday?

That may explain my glass half empty tone when describing Madeline's state as an almost two year old. My mother so nicely pointed out that I do have a very sweet and loving little two year old too. My comments in the previous post were not meant to be focused on the negative... but see the first line of this post and you will get why it was written that way.

This is the girl I normally have.

Happy, happy, happy! In this photo she is Happy and she knows it so she's clapping her hands... get it?

I am planning a larger post for her second birthday, but I thought I would give you some of the more positive attributes of Madeline today to make up for my unintentional negativity yesterday.

  • Madeline's favorite book right now is a book my Anita Jeram titled Bunny My Honey. Recently when we get to the end of the book she says, "Momma, me love you too". It melts my heart.
  • Madeline is constantly demanding that everybody clap. She will sing a song or play the piano and then say, "Everybody clap" and will call out anyone who isn't obeying. (ie. Momma, clap!) Two nights ago at dinner she did something that she thought was particularly funny (and I can't even remember what that was...) and she said in the same matter of fact way... "Everybody laugh!" Kevin and I cracked up.
  • If she wants to go upstairs, or to the car, or outside or just about anywhere she will call to the adult around and say, "Come on, come on!" As if to say, let's get going! She has even added "quickly, quickly!" a couple of times. It is ridiculously cute.
  • When she plays the piano at my parents house she kicks her feet as fast as she can while she plays. Then she belts out "THAT'S ELMO'S WORLD!" followed by, "everybody clap!"
I think that is enough for now... but I know she is an adorable 2 year old... so I will try again to be more glass 1/2 full...

Is that better Mom?



Michelle said...

Your last post was crabby? Hmm...maybe I am super sleep deprived, but it just sounded like all the other descriptions of 2 year olds that I've heard before! Plus, we know she is sweet!

Molly said...

Perfect Mutzie.

I love you, too!