Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday

Madeline is a little obsessed with birthdays. She sings Happy Birthday all day long. She wraps anything she can find in napkins or blankets and proclaims them, 'happy birthday presents.' My favorite so far, a piece of chewed up chicken she decided she "no yike it" so she wrapped it up and handed it to me. Thanks sweet baby.

Last night at dinner she handed me a wad of ham and said:

"Happy Birthday. I make you a sam-itch*."

Kevin and I fell out laughing and I proclaimed that the best reason to have children ever. They never stop making you laugh.

My birthday may have been 6 months ago, but I think that is still the best present.

*That is sandwich for those of you who don't speak 23 months.



bridget said...

Do you think she is gearing up for her own birthday...dropping subtle hints? I'm thinking I should give her a piece of chicken for her bday, wrapped beautifully to disguise it, of course!

RPS said...

I think that's a great sentence ;-)
Love her new room color - that's awesome! Give her a hug from us