Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Tour

Olive here. Ready to give you the tour of our new digs. These photos were taken before our big move in day, so there is very little furniture, but it is about the house this time... decor later...

This is the family room. It is about the size of our former house. Just kidding....

Facing the front of the house.

Facing the rear of the house. (I love those doors and so does Maddy.) there is a full bath to the right there... but no photo sorry.

The view from the family room into the kitchen.

From the kitchen into the dinning room.

From the dining room to the front door.

Our awesome kitchen.

50% of the reason Kev and Mo bought this house.

Make that 60%.

From the kitchen into the master bed room.

This is a horrible photo of the master. You get the idea right?

The hallway to the master bathroom (on left) and closet (on right).

The closet. You see Maureen's clothes hung up... and that is all of them. They filled two closets at the old house. Now she feels like she needs to do some serious shopping.

The master shower with spa tub.

Back to the front of the house the steps are the first thing inside the front door.

The upstairs bathroom.

There are only two rooms in the house that were painted before moving in. Maureen and Kevin's room, before:

And After:
Madeline's room before:

And after:

This is the third and smallest bedroom upstairs. Madeline has declared it "Olive's room" As you see I won't complain.

The hallway upstairs is pretty big. The former owners used it as a tv/computer area for their kids.

Finally, the office. The stripes have stayed for now...

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of our new house. Maybe someday, when it isn't raining, I will convice Maureen to take a photo of the OUTSIDE of the house...

Love, Olive


Molly said...

Yay! Proof that Maureen DOES listen to her mother.

Mother is happy. :)

Jenny and Aaron's Baby Blog said...

Awesome house pics! It looks fantastic. So glad you guys got it!

RPS said...

Looks great - can't wait to see it in person!

Gina said...

I wanna move!!!! I want a cool house like yours, too! Where did you find those bookshelves?

Kelli said...

i am having serious kitchen lust!!

welcome home!

bridget said...

Nice job, Olive! You need to show us the garage/shed/manhouse and the basement next time.

And what is your mother talking about???

Molly said...

I offered to let Miss Maddy nap at our house yesterday then told Mo she had to go home and post the new house pics. And she did! Imagine that!

Next time I offer to let Maddy-Lou nap at our house, maybe I'll tell Mo to clean my house....

Michelle said...

I have serious storage space envy right now. Maddy's room looks great and I'm sure some day she will think she had a very cool mom for letting her have a purple room.