Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two (2) photos

The title of this blog is to let you know that you shouldn't get too excited. I downloaded photos from the past three weeks today but I am stingy so don't get your hopes up. In all honesty I want to do a bigger post with more photos, but my eyelids are heavy and I need sleep. So that will have to wait. It will be soon. Until then I leave you with the two promised photos: a girl and her room.

Madeline, eating a yummy lunch in the dining room. Why yes, that is a living room chair in our dining room. How smart of you to notice. It is there, along with the couch, because the room is so frigin' huge it looks silly with just a table. This might be my favorite room in the house right now... only because it holds the least amount of unpacked boxes. (Thank you Kathy!)

Madeline's purple room before we moved her furniture in. I am in love with Madeline's room. It is the exact shade of purple I imagine I would have wanted as a child, had I had any interest in interior decorating. (Instead I had a 14" x 24" painting of Jesus over my desk and a old sheet as a door to both my room and my closet and crayon drawings on the walls. And I was very, very happy with it.)



bridget said...

I'll bet Madeline will grow up thinking she liked the purple room but secretly wished she had had a jesus picture over her desk and a really cool sheet/door!

bridget said...

oh, and i forgot to mention that i really like the purple room!

Molly said...

You forgot to mention the hole in the closet wall where your father crashed through when he lost his balance.... ahhh... those were the good old days, eh?

bridget said...

Is "balance" a code word for "temper"? haha...just kidding, Gene!

Molly said...

Nope, he fell right over. All of his coordination is in those drummer hands of his. The feet? Not so much.

Maybe he should walk on his hands... I'll have to get him to try that.

Gina said...

That chair is awesome!!!