Monday, March 09, 2009

How NOT to manage stress

When dealing with stress I do not recommend...

  • panicking. It isn't as helpful as I thought (hopped) it would be.
  • obsessing. Again, not helpful.
  • eating. My waistline is suffering for no good reason.
  • crying. Ok, this can be helpful sometimes. Just not all the time.
  • sitting. Needing to clean your house, but not wanting too and watching Ellen instead is just not helpful.
My stomach is in knots today. More later I am sure...



Molly said...

Let's turn this around.


EATING: at your parents' houses as much as possible.

WATCHING TV: It's a nice distraction from the constant tension.

LAUGHING: at TV, at Maddy (who is so funny and doesn't even know it), at Olive (who is also funny in a stressed-out-cat way), at Poppy the Dog Faced Boy, at life in general.

LEANING: on your friends and family

VENTING: to the same people you lean on

TIME OUT: take a little time out each day to recall the things you have to be grateful for (like parents who will feed you, a daughter who will make you laugh, Ellen in the middle of the day, friends and family who care, really care, about you.)

How's that for turn-around?

It's all gonna be Ok, Mutzie. Really.

bridget said...

Hey...can I eat at your parent's house and laugh at your daughter? Guess not.

j&j said...

hang in there, friend. just keep repeating "it's all totally worth it. it's all totally worth it." let me know if you need anything. :)

Fiance-Jeanne said...

Hey Girl, It will be okay and everything will work out. That is what I keep telling myself lately with the stress I am going through. We will get through this. Let me know if you need anything.

RPS said...

listen to your mom on this one...hang in there..we're thinking about you! (and kevin and maddy!)