Monday, March 30, 2009


It is official. We have moved.

I am a mess of emotions today. More on that soon I hope. Along with photos from the past two weeks. (oh, I am so behind!)

Now for the Thank yous...

#1-Thank you to our wonderful families. They spent their Sunday helping us move and we are forever grateful.
#2- Thank you to my uncle Pat, cousin Brian, and Danny, all union pipe fitters. They spent their off time on Friday putting in a new gas line at the new house and with out them, we would have wet clothing.
#3- Thank you to Anna and Madeline. For being our first play date this morning, and for the pie. Yummy!
#4-Thank you to anyone I forgot to thank, because my brain isn't the best right now.

I will be scarce for a while. We don't have internet yet... so more details to come once we figure that all out.

Tomorrow is closing on our former house... I only hope I don't cry on the paperwork.



Ms. Bethie said...

It's okay to cry at closing. You've been in that house a while and it is full of memories. Just think of all the new ones you get to create at the new house! Congratulations on everything though. Glad the move went smoothly for you guys.

RPS said...

Congrats! Here's to many new memories!