Thursday, June 30, 2011

A world full of awesome

I am currently blogging while sitting at the pool. Madeline is taking the last class of four weeks of lessons (she's the blur with the orange noodle in the above photo) and I am roasting on the pool deck.

I am so excited this mobile blogging thing worked. I mean now I can blog about how the pool deck social structure reminds me of an sixth grade lunch table WHILE sitting at a table ALONE. Honestly. Why have social situations gotten no less awkward as I age? And I am super extroverted and will talk to ANYONE! Just ask my husband, I drive him nuts sometimes with my ability to go to the super market for cheese and come home with a new BFF.

Ok, I exaggerate... A little.

Why is it that the pool deck, or playdates or play grounds can magically transport me back to junior high?

See?!?! This phone blogging thing is going to be legen...wait for it...dary!!!


Michelle said...

So why were you feeling like a middle schooler? The other moms or bathing suits? PS what does L do while M is at swim lessons?

Bridget said...

The social situation (aka pool deck area) may be awkward because people might feel self conscious about a woman photographing them in their swimwear...or were you stealth? I can't imagine you feeling awkward in any social situation!