Thursday, August 05, 2010

My first...


Meet Juliette Adrianna.

She was born this morning at 7:17am. She is so very small and it makes me wonder if my girls were ever that small. I have have been assured that they were.

The very tired, but very happy parents. I can hardly believe that my little brother is a dad. He is going to be a very awesome one at that.

Madeline is even more excited about Juliette than I expected. She couldn't wait to visit her and spent much of the time there rubbing her head and giving her kisses. She must have asked to hold her a million times. Right after this photo was taken Madeline leaned in close and whispered, "I love you" to Juliette. Then I died. But came back as I didn't want to harm my beautiful *little* niece. (MY NIECE!!!!)

She spent the longest time just staring at her. Then reality hit, and she remembered she was a high energy 3 year old and she wanted to run around and play with the hospital bed.

And this guy...

not only is he a natural newborn baby holder, but he is an uncle now too!

Now for my favorite photo of the day!

Madeline isn't at all possessive. Nope, not Madeline.

Congratulations Elliot and Kathy! She is the perfect addition to our family.

Welcome Jules! We are thrilled to welcome you to our family! We can't wait to see the shenanigans you and your big cousins will get into as you all grow. For now stay small, stay sweet and stay beautiful. Some thing you are very good at already!



abbie said...

Being an Aunt is just an amazing thing. Enjoy and congrats.

Adrienne said...

Love the pictures and the commentary. Also liked how Maddie and Kevin coordinated. :) Thank you for sharing and enjoy your new niece, Aunt Maureen!

Molly said...

I'm sure Madeline was thinking something along these lines:
Hey Dad... Dad... DAD!!! We already have one of those at home. Put her down. NOW.

More likely, she was all filled up with love for her cousin and she had to share it somehow. Dad's leg was just handy.