Monday, April 19, 2010

6 months

Today Lydia has been in our family for 6 months. SIX! I have plans for a larger post, but until our Pediatrician's appointment next week I will wait.

Look at that lovely little girl.

When Madeline turned 6m I baked her a cake. I felt it only right to do the same for Lydia. That and I wanted to try this icing recipe and this low fat mix modification.

If you clicked on the link to Madeline's 1/2 birthday you'd know that Maddy's cake was a 1/2 cake. So those cupcakes, they are 1/2 cup cakes. (They are made with a mini muffin tin) Clever huh?

I had cake batter left after making 24 mini cupcakes, so I let Madeline choose what type of pan to put the rest in. She chose a bunt. "AH!! It's a CAKE!" (10 points for the first person to name that flick.)

I know you can't really read that, but it just says Happy 1/2 Birthday.

I think Lydia liked it. Even though she didn't get any.

As for the cake and icing it was yummy. You can't tell from the photos, but I used a funfetti cake mix. (It was what I had.) The low fat recipe turned out pretty well. When covered in frosting you can't tell the difference really. I'd say it was a success. As for the icing, it was yummy too. Not at all low fat, and although a bit unconventional (there is flour in it...) it was awesome.

What else did we do on my baby's half birthday? We visited the library, grocery shopped, played, napped, and played some more. All in all an excellent day.



Elliot said...

My Big Fat Greek Wedding!!!

Gimme my ten points!

Bridget said...

Hap Birt Lydia!

Molly said...

py hday, Lydia!