Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Our real Easter Best

That's better isn't it. (To be honest, I kinda like the other photo better...)

In her Easter Bonnet, will all its frills upon it, she will be the finest girlie in the Easter parade! (and she was... even if she was the only one in said parade...)

Madeline was quite the hunter as well. We had an early morning hunt in our family room/kitchen/dining room. Then there was a second hunt in Kevin's parents yard. That Easter bunny was busy.

This is the first year that Madeline got the egg hung thing. It was a lot of fun to see her hunting. She got the same excited look on her face after she found the last egg as she did when she found the first.

As for wardrobe, Madeline's dress is from Tar-shay. Fancy, I know. Lydia's dress was Madeline's. She wore it to a dear friends rehearsal dinner when she was exactly Lydia's age. I think Kevin was surprised I didn't buy matching dresses for the girls. I know that some day I won't be able to resist... but for now, we coordinate. :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We had a great day with both sides of our families. A lot of celebration. A lot of love. A LOT of chocolate! A great day.



Bridget said...

I really liked the first picture's more real! Like maybe she just saw that scary-big-person-in-a-bunny-suit and it freaked her it!

Molly said...

hahaha... B.