Friday, April 23, 2010


One of the top reasons I love reading blogs is that I get a glimpse into the lives of other people. I am a habitual people watcher, just ask Kevin. Eating out is always fun for him, and I normally make sure I am facing as little of the restaurant as possible so that I am not distracted.

But is was about me loving blogs. I get to share in others ideas, their stories, their joys and sometimes, their sorrow. Almost two years ago I started following the blog of the Lauer family. They had an extraordinary son named Noah who was given a difficult for me to imagine diagnosis just months after he was born.

Noah lived 364 days.

I read their blog during most of 364 days and I learned so much from their joys and sorrows. I learned to hold tight to my babies. I learned to be thankful for what I have. I learned that even when life is getting me down, it can always get worse. So much worse.

Although the Lauers said goodbye to Noah their story is far from over. I have watched them welcome little Eli to their family. That is just it, blogs bring sorrow and joy. I love learning from the stories of other people.

I learned about the Lauers from Jodie of Fresh Art Photography. Jodie has such a compassionate heart and she has shared the stories of many families with her blog readers. Today, one year to the day they said goodbye to their son Seamus, Jodie shares the story of the Johnston family. You can read more about it here.

So today I hugged my babies a little closer. I played a little longer. I read a few more books and I held them longer as they were getting ready for bed.

So when people ask why I read so many blogs I tell them all of the things blogs have given me. Most importantly, blogs have given me the gift of perspective.

For that I am very grateful.



Molly said...

Yes, it helps to keep things in perspective.... a lesson I learned from "My Life As A Dog". :)

Michelle said...

You know I've been following the Lauer's and what their 364 days have meant to me and my mothering of Devon. Thanks for sharing Sheamus even though my heart just broke a little.