Tuesday, December 08, 2009

If you give us cookies...

It is far too late for me to be up.  But once Kevin got off work at 10pm and got home at 10:30pm we decided the tree we purchased yesterday needed to come inside to avoid the rain/flurries projected for the next few days.

Have you ever read the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff?  It is a fabulous children's book.  This is my version:

If you want to move your Christmas Tree in doors:

First, your going to have to move the rugs.

Then, once they are moved you will notice how dirty the floor is.

You'll have to sweep it.

Once you get the broom out and have swept the floor, you'll notice the tree stand is a little deeper then you thought. 

You'll have to measure (and remeasure) to see if you have to cut branches off the bottom. 

You settle on putting rocks in the bottom of the tree stand.  You steal them from the makeshift patio umbrella holder on the deck.  (That umbrella stand rocks, literally, and so does my creative husband who made it btw.)

You finally get to bring the tree in the house. 

You sweep some more.

Once you are done with that, you struggle to get the tree into the tree stand because it is about 5 inches too tall.

You run to the shed to get the hand LAUPPAS (for those of you who don't watch Roger on This Old House that is loppers).

You forget your flashlight and have to go out in the dark (because it is now almost 11pm).

You cut the top branches off the tree.

You finally get it into the stand.

You move it into place.

You don't like where it is.


You move the dining room table.

So you can move the rug under it.

Then you move the table back.

You move an arm chair to make room for the tree.

You have to tilt the tree down to get it through the archway and then slide it across the room.

You sweep again.

You decide the couch needs to be moved. 

You sweep.

Then you have to move the arm chair back.

You realize the dining room table is too far over now and you have to move the table so you can move the rug so you can move the table.

You sweep.

Finally, you stand back and admire the tree.

And maybe move the rug a few more times.

So that is why it is 12:30am and I am just now going to bed.  After a day where both girls, BOTH OF THEM, napped for an hour and a half, AT THE SAME TIME, and I didn't nap because I'm crazy I am going to be totally wasted tomorrow.  Maybe, just maybe they'll sleep in.  I'll let you know how that goes for me!



Michelle said...

photo of the tree please!

Gina said...

Send that puppy to a publisher stat!

mGk said...

Photos will be posted as soon as it is decorated!

notawritersfather said...
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notawritersfather said...

...ten lords a-leaping, nine ladies dancing, eight maids a- ...

Bridget said...

eight maids a-moving-rugs........

Molly said...

shouldn't that be "ten lords a-sweeping" ? And a tree standing in the dining room!

Molly said...

Oh, and the next time both girls nap at the same time and you don't nap, too, I'm going to come over there and ... uh... I'm gonna... ummm... well, maybe I'll just come over the next day and tell you "I told you so!"

You have to. I'm your Mother and I said so.

Chris Tea said...

I have in my head that movie National Lanpoon's Christmas Vacation when the tree sap gets everywhere. Left you somethin' on my blog.