Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The one where I can't decide what to title this post...

I just spent the last two hours putting Lydia to bed.

Why Maureen, you exaggerate! It can't possibly take THAT long, can it?

Oh, how I wish I were kidding. My littlest was swaddled at 9:15 pm and two hours later she is in her own bed for the third time. I am just hoping that she doesn't wake up again.

So when asked why I haven't blogged that is why. Everything takes just a little longer. Getting ready in the morning takes longer. Preparing a meal takes longer. Putting shoes on takes longer. Getting us in coats and out the door takes longer. Playing a game of "checks" (aka. Doctor) or "Where's Madeline" (an elaborate game of hiding that no one but Madeline actually knows the rules too, which usually ends in tears because we aren't playing it right) takes longer. Putting everyone to bed takes longer. All of that time adds up and what is displaced?


Sad I know, but it is the truth. Children must be fed. Clothes must be cleaned. Baths must be given. Work shirts must be ironed. Trash must be taken out. Dishes must be done. So my past-times suffer.

I love this blog. It is almost silly to think that the reason I blog is to remember the crazy times in our life, but the crazier it gets the less time I have to record it all. I don't want to forget this time in our life, but I don't even remember what I had for breakfast today let alone anything cute/silly/memorable that may have happened today.

I hope that after the holidays life will calm a bit. I am hopeful. Not at all convinced, but none the less hopeful.

It is now 11:15pm. I hope to post again tonight; Lydia turned 2 months on Saturday and I don't want to forget. After that I should go to bed. I'll probably stay up crocheting Christmas presents. I'm crazy like that. To be honest, crafting makes me feel like I am reclaiming a little bit of myself again. I love being a mother. I just miss doing something I really enjoy, just for me. Even if it is as simple as crocheting a simple gift or reading a book that makes me smile.




Gina said...

I got a negative pregnancy test this morning, and have been so sad. But when it only takes us a few minutes to get out of the house, I'll thank my lucky stars for a little while longer.

Bridget said...

Maybe you should teach Madeline a new game...Hide and Crochet...she hides and you crochet...it's win-win!

Michelle said...

Remember how many times you had to tell me that taking 2 hours to put a child to bed would pass? You were right. Hang in there. Devon is a perfect example of "it does get better...eventually."

Molly said...

Hide and crochet... hahahaha... now that's funny! As a mom, you do get displaced. You steal moments to indulge yourself, only to be interrupted. I miss having little kids, but don't miss all of it. Focus (when you can) on the good stuff, the spontaneous hugs, the little noises babies make, sweet little kisses, a funny comment or question (they come up with the craziest stuff), the funny way they dance - the stuff that brings a smile to your face. Someday they'll be all grown up & reading blog comments from you and you'll be missing your babies. :)