Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Craft Fail

So last week Madeline and I attempted the always popular fall leaf craft.

You know, the one where you iron leaves in between sheets of wax paper, then hang them from the windows where they catch the fall sun and the fall colors sparkle in the rays.

I think I may have built this craft up too big in my head.

Madeline was totally uninterested until we broke out the leaves.

Then she just wanted to pull them apart. I did manage to save this one leaf from her frenzied tearing.

So how is this a fail you ask? Let me tell you! The wax paper didn't melt. We tried both sides of the paper, just in case I had messed it up and ironed it backwards and as soon as you lifted the wax paper, the leaf just fell out.

So what did I learn from this project? #1- Test a craft before attempting it with a 2 1/2 year old. She wasn't disapointed or anything, but I think she questioned my sanity. #2- I have no clue which side of wax paper has wax on it! #3- leaves smell very bad when ironed.

This is not my first, nor my last craft fail. Honestly I am just proud that I attempted a craft with my 2 1/2 year old just two weeks after bringing home a second baby! Go me!

I'll let you know how the next craft project turns out... that is if I can work up the nerve to try that again.



Molly said...

Well, I am MOST Impressed! And Maddy looks none the worse for wear. That's a might big smile she's got. Nice job, Mo. It's not the end product, it's the time spent. :)

carolyntracy said...

I am very impressed! I only attempted the "color on top of the paper with a leaf underneath" version of the fall craft. My boys weren't too impressed, but we did color happily together for a long time. Better luck next time.

bridget said...

Maybe you should try sticking the leaves to a sheet of clear contact paper and slapping another piece on top to hold them. Sounds quick and easy, though I've never tried it or the wax paper version...good luck!