Monday, November 02, 2009

2 weeks and Halloween

I can't believe two weeks have passed. I know it is the lack of sleep but it feels like it has been BOTH many months and just days since Lydia was born. All is going well. Sleep is scarce. Madeline's tantrums and boundary testing have toned down, a bit. Today was my first day at home all day with just the two of them. (I have to admit that my dad did come over and take Madeline to the park in the afternoon, so I guess technically I didn't go the whole day by myself.) The day went pretty smoothly and Madeline was very well behaved and Lydia slept at all the right times (except the hour she was awake while Madeline napped, so much for me getting a little rest).

I am off to bed now but I wanted to leave you with photos from the last few days, including Halloween!

Peacefully sleeping in the middle of the day.

Madeline Opal _______, Doctor (That is how she introduces herself to people when she meets them. The line is where you would insert our last name.)

Our little cub. Isn't that just the cutest?!?!

And finally, to assure she hates me in her teen years:

Madeline, "nursing" her baby Maggie. Madeline has taken a keen interest in how I feed Lydia. I nursed Madeline for a year and one day exactly, and I know she has no memory of that. She however is very interested in what exactly is going on when I nurse Lydia and has even asked if she can nurse Lydia. When I explained that you have to have milk in your chest she simply replied, "I don't have milk in my chest, but I have milk in my tummy!" Totally cracks me up.

Madeline is turning two and a half on Wednesday. I hope to do an update posting on or near that day. Let's see how that works out for me! Oh, and should update that masthead... priorities, priorities!

Happy two week birthday Lydia. We are so happy to have you as our fourth team mate!



bridget said...

Remember, if Madeline blames you for that breastfeeding photo, you can turn it around and blame me...I was there when this feeding was taking place and said "where's the camera?" So see, you can totally tell her it's Aunt B's fault!

Michelle said...

She's definitely going to owe you in her teen years! Can't believe it's been 2 weeks already!

Chris Tea said...

Glen did that with the doll. He called it "boy milk." Cute, cute kiddos. Hang in there on these tired nights and tired days!