Thursday, March 25, 2010

Silence, sometimes

I posted every day for a week... now I've been gone for a week. Did you miss me?

I know you did.

For my big return I give you LydiaTV.

Lydia has been babbling a ton over the past two weeks. She is vocal just like her sister was. My favorite thing is when she gums or clucks silently. She did it at the beginning of the video and again near the end as she followed her sister out of the room with her eyes. (Man does Lydia love her sister... but that is another post.)

I also caught some super cute smiles today.

I mean really, could she be any cuter?



Adrienne said...

Love it! Love her! Both videos were sooo cute! I especially liked how she looked up when she her your voice ("that's my mommy!"). Thank you for sharing.

Bridget said...

No...she could not be cuter!

Molly said...

She's awesome.