Monday, April 14, 2008

Round 3

Round three in Stomach flu vs. Us.
Flu 4 - Us 0.

So I spoke too soon. Way too soon. Kev and I are feeling better and just when we thought the battle of stomach bug v. our bellies was over, Maddy is sick, AGAIN!

Last night we put our darling and sweet and cuddly and happy little baby girl down for the night at about 7:30pm. She had spent a wonderful evening with Grandma and Grandpa without any signs of illness. Then at 8:30pm she woke up sick. And we mean sick. Nothing like the small about of vomit on Friday... no sir... a whole mess of... mess.

Lots of laundry soap, cuddles and two (yes, two!) baths later she was back in bed. Oh the joys of stomach viruses...

An ode to a stomach virus

Oh my, dear stomach virus
oh how you do us wrong.
Leaving us tired and weary
why have you stayed so long?

You make your rounds
not once but twice.
Let me tell you,
that really isn't nice.

You crept in fiercely
leaving piles of laundry in your wake.
We've had enough
that's all we will take.

Good bye dear flu
we've had enough.
Out comes the Chlorox
and other cleaning stuff.


Molly said...

Dang, Girl. You should get mother of the year! Not only can you handle personal illness, husband illness, and baby sickness, you even have time to write poetry! I'm way impressed.

Yes, your mother said that. :)

mGk said...

The flu robbed me of everything but my creativity!