Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things I adore...

My good friend Janine started a "things I adore" segment on her blog a few weeks ago. After the weekend we had I think it is only fitting to start one of my own. (Thank you Janine for the wonderful idea.)

So I have been given so many gifts over the past year what with Madeline being born and all. Frankly, some are still in boxes or sitting on shelves. Others have become invaluable. This is one of them!

This, my friends, is The Ulitmate Crib Sheet!

It is a quick change crib sheet and a waterproof mattress pad in one! It has elastic straps that snap around the rungs of the crib so that you can remove the sheet with very little hassle. And it has a soft plastic backing which makes it waterproof!

Let me tell you, it is amazing! During the early days of having Madeline home, the days of constant laundry, these sheets were quick and easy to change. We didn't have to take the whole bed apart in order to get the sheets off.

Now I have two of them layered on top of a regular crib sheet and mattress pad. How awesome is that! She can have three major messes in a row before I have to change the entire bed. And when you are cleaning up a baby and a bed in the middle of the night how awesome is it to have the top layer off and in the washer in just a few minutes flat!?!?

I keep telling all of my friends who may be planning to have children that when they do I will give them a list of must haves and a list of why bothers. The Ulitmate Crib Sheet is on the top of my must haves for sure!



Molly said...

I'll be sure to thank my friend Mary Beth for giving you your first ultimate crib sheet. :) She'll be thrilled to know it's been so appreciated.

mGk said...

Please do pass this along. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't know they exist!

j&j said...

Thanks for the shout-out! :)
You're quite the blogger lately-- maybe your blogging makes up for my lack thereof... :) Hope you all are feeling better soon!