Thursday, September 14, 2006

Our friend Scott, shooting himself in Iraq

Ok, maybe not really shooting himself... but we think this photo is hilarious. I'm just glad he is on the ground and not up in the air. (We love Scott, but wouldn't put it past him!)

This week Scott wrote into our community newspaper. It's hard to talk about his letter with people, because this war is such an emotional and strongly political issue. I guess what we have a hard time explaining to people is that this war isn't about politics for us anymore. It is about our best friend. We don't want to fight about who is right and what has been done wrong. We just want to support our friend. That letter wasn't about PR, or bolstering of the war for us. It was just another indication (like the photos, emails and random satelite phone calls) that our friend is still ok.

No, we don't support this war. But we do keep all of the soldiers, thier families and friends in our thoughts. Because we are now part of this, whether we like it or not.

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Molly said...

Sometimes it's hard being a peace-nik who supports the troops. Our culture wants us to believe if we're anti-war we're also anti-troops. It's just not so. Life has many gray areas, and this is one of the grayest. Your post gives me pause to think about that dilemma... and taking pause to think is always a good thing. Thank you!