Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dramatic Life Update # 1

We haven't posted in a while. Not that there isn't a ton going on in our lives, but that we haven't really found the time.

So today, before any more time as passed, before another moment flies by, or another grain of sand falls I will update all of our 4 readers who want to know what is going on.

I am still working for the Girl Scouts... and I think I like it. Kev is still at the store... and he sometimes likes it. Olive decided to become anorexic about a month ago, dropped 4 pounds and was told by the vet that if she didn't start eating she wouldn't last much longer. Needless to say we began force feeding her three times a day and she is doing much better. This week she is back up 4 pounds and is eating mostly on her own. What is with that cat? Talk about high maintenance.

Other than that, we are talking about ripping out the bathroom floor some time in the next few months. Be sure that there will be photos.

Other than that...I have cute cousin's with mustaches. What could be better?

*p.s. Happy one year aniversary Blog! I promise to try to spend more time updating you this year!*


Molly said...

Yeah!! An update!! Love the post... love the pic... do it again!

bridget said...

maybe olive is having a delayed reaction to coming in second place to a cat who lives in a refrigerator! i mean, a cat in a fridge can eat all the food it wants, so maybe olive was rebelling against that! just a theory!

themurderhour said...

Doesn't seem like it's been a whole blog year!
You do have cute cousins!