Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So it's November

Yep. November.

I am so behind on this here blog that I feel like my online community card must be expired by now. Is that even possible?

So what have I missed... a lot. I have Lydia's birthday part and a one year update for her and Halloween and I am sure there is a million other things I should be blogging about.

And yes. I am fully aware my header says September. I should never have started a monthly header. EVER. Lesson learned. Look for something less timely in the future. (but don't count on it being the near future... )

And the photo on this post? Part of a blog post that I may or may not EVER get around to writing. It is a good one. Now I have set you up to be disappointed. Isn't that great? Now I feel guilty. Maybe I will write that post sooner than later. I hate to disappoint people.

Don't tell me I'm a disappointment. Even if I am... just lie to me. Please. Then maybe I'll post more. See, it's all on you.

Love ya.



Adrienne said...

First of all, I love you, Maureen! I don't even have a blog so you are just that much more cooler than I am. I have to admit though, that I get very excited when I see you have updated your blog. I love the little glimpses into lives!

RPS said...

Yay for November...we'll be seeing you soon!

Michelle said...

xoxo. It's okay to leave things (like blogs) hanging every once in awhile.

Bridget said...

I suggest seasonal headers...that way you only need 4 a year!

Elliot said...

So it's December...