Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Feeling better... almost

I think I can say, with 99.999% accuracy that our readership level is at 5 readers now. We are really making some huge waves with this blog! So for the 5 of you, here is my "comps" update!

My exam went well... I think. I will get the results back after next Monday so we will see if my overall impression (that I did as well as I could under the circumstances with the information that I had) is the same as my three committee members. (I have a feeling it won't be.) I will keep y'all posted on my slow crawl towards commencement. Only one oral defense, two 20pg research papers, a final exam and two public speaking classes to wrap up left.

Ok, I am now officially stressed out.

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clifton heights kid said...

Listen to Go-girl and go to that happy place!! If that fails, come to your mutha's house and she'll feed you some chicken soup and listen to you bitch. :)